Cambridge Respiratory Innovations

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations

Transforming lives with disruptive respiratory technologies

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Cambridge Respiratory Innovations (CRI), is a leading medtech company that creates ground-breaking respiratory technologies. In December 2020 it received funding from BGF and Downing Ventures to fast track research and development of its award-winning N-Tidal device to help medical professionals diagnose and monitor respiratory conditions. The N-Tidal device is a first-in-kind, connected, handheld capnometer incorporating unique patented sensor technology, that can accurately measure carbon dioxide levels in exhaled breath during normal breathing. The data is transmitted wirelessly using mobile networks and is analysed using CRI’s intelligent cloud-based analytics software. This information can be used to provide novel insights into lung health. (It has already been used in eight clinical studies, in a range of age groups, including in children and the elderly.) The investment provides a timely opportunity to accelerate research and development, increase production capacity, helping the business to deliver on potential demand from pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and patients for use at home. Approximately 400 million people worldwide suffer from cardiorespiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with the respiratory care device market forecast to reach $16bn by 2022. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there is an increased focus on monitoring lung function in patients.

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