Ayar Labs

Ayar Labs

Moving data using light to improve computing capabilities

First invested

Ayar Labs is a Deep Tech organisation that is solving semiconductor interconnect (I/O), bandwidth and power bottlenecks by moving data using light, with its TeraPHY™ monolithic in-package electronic/photonic chiplet-based solution. The result is a vast improvement in bandwidth, bandwidth density, latency and power consumption across a wider distance.

Why we invested

  • Ayar Labs’ has developed a novel interconnect technology, which is an enabling component  for the future of high performance computing
  • The product can drive a 1000x improvement in bandwidth density
  • 10x lower power requirements than existing solutions
  • World-class management team from Penguin Computing, Intel and MIT
  • Globally renowned top tier co-investors including Intel Capital, Playground Global and Founder’s Fund

Meet the team

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