Dragonfly AI releases gold dust retail advice

As the UK lifts restrictions on non-essential retailers this week and shops look to capture the attention of consumers again, the question of what the most effective way of doing this has never been more pertinent; especially as lockdown has driven consumers to make their purchase decisions online.

So with today’s consumers having just an 8-second attention span, what are the tools to winning attention in physical retail stores again? DragonflyAI is the only predictive analytics platform that uses cutting edge neuroscience to accurately predict how the design of any content or experience influences what a brand’s audience sees first, across any channel.

The British company has just published a retail guide to winning attention on the physical shelf using a data-drive approach to turning shoppers into buyers that covers the following topics:

  • Challenges for retailers and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands
  • The process to turn shoppers into buyers:
  • Winning attention
  • Directing attention
  • Retaining attention
  • How Dragonfly AI works to optimise all these aspects

Click the following link to see Dragonfly AI's full report: https://try.dragonflyai.co/how-to-win-attention-on-the-physical-shelf/ 

Dragonfly AI's platform is helping leading consumer brands (Harrod’s, Jaguar Land Rover, Diageo, Mitsubishi) see the effectiveness of their visual campaigns in a matter of milliseconds, which is critical to success in an ever increasing competitive consumer landscape.

For more information, visit https://dragonflyai.co/ 

Date published:

15 Apr 2021

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