Dragonfly AI

Improve the effectiveness of content and experiences across any channel

In a world saturated with visual stimuli at every twist and turn, the market for audience attention has never been more competitive. DragonflyAI is the leading innovator within the predictive visual analytics sphere using artificial intelligence (AI), informed by cutting-edge neuroscience which accurately predicts what consumers see first in any content instance  (static or moving images), via an easy to use, self-serve subscription-service platform to access the software on iOS, web, desktop, API or enterprise integrations. The platform allows users to capture real-time content performance insight, to optimise to “human ready” before publication; or upload their campaign designs to run them through DragonflyAI’s algorithm and obtain instant feedback in the form of a heat-map and metrics showing which elements a viewer’s attention is drawn to in the first milliseconds of looking - the “zero moment of truth.”

Key facts

Sector - Enterprise

When Downing first invested - 2020

Website - https://dragonflyai.co/